Lawley Classic Motor Yacht Carina

Restoration at LMI ...
Carina hauled – Forward head, fwd cabin, salon area cleared of furniture floor boards and bearers for keel access. Engine and ballast removed. Boat supported for oak keel removal. Garboards and four above planks removed stem to sternpost. Boat braced for subsequent stem and 35ft of keel removed. All new lower frames scarfed in to bilge turn from stem to engine room. All new floor timbers from stem to engine room. This completes the complete length with new lower frames and floor timbers.

Install new stem and knee timber. Install 37 ft of new oak keel – 12:1 scarfed at back of engine room. Remove and refit engine bed timbers. Fit new garboards and broad strakes full length and sections of planking above. Re-fastening of all below planking onto new frames /floors and keel/stem. Hull bottom faired primed and painted. One new plank port side and spline all topside planking –fair prime and paint. Remove and renew some deck beams and starboard side deck complete. Engine overhaul and paint – re-install – new cutlass bearing. Address soft patches and install new pilot house overhead.

Launch – re–install lead ballast. Sea trails – all 100% successful