S&S 52 Dorade
Phase I: The Edgar Cato refit by Buzzards Bay & Mount Hope Boatworks

Edgar Cato purchased Dorade and she returned from the South of France to Rhode Island. Dorade had received a partial refit in Italy but as is so often the case with an eighty year old yacht there is always more to do! Initial surveys revealed enough concerns to warrant engaging an experienced team and locating her in a work shed here at LMI to “dig into” said areas of concern.

Discovery of over 20 broken frames port and starboard, her major hull resoration begins. Phase 1 of Dorade’s return to serious racing.

Here is a gallery to tell the story of Dorade’s significant hull rebuild conducted by Buzzards Bay Yacht Services and Mount Hope Boatworks at LMI.

Link to Dorade’s second significant refit at LMI for the return to serious offshore racing.