LMI – Some prominent Projects, Past & Present

Classic Wooden and Spirit of Tradition Yachts

Santana, another Sparkman & Stephens yawl. Made somewhat famous as Bogart and Bacal owned her for some years. Came from San Francisco to Rhode Island for a major rebuild/restoration. see project gallery

Dorade, (The) Sparkman & Stephens yawl, built in 1929. Designed by a young Olin and building overseen by Rod. Major Refits at LMI, Initially Buzzards Bay,and Mount Hope Boatworks, subsequent by LMI’s team for her re-launch into ocean racing in the TransPac, Newport-Bermuda, TransAtlantic and Fastnet Races– see project gallery

Skylark, Sparkman & Stephens 53' Yawl built in 1937, Pendletons. Restored by LMI, see project gallery - subsequently completed by East Passage Boatworks

Kirawan, Rhodes 53 - Refit/Restoration by LMI – see project gallery

Elska, International Dragon built 1947 UK - Refit/Restoration by LMI – see project gallery

Mary Rose, 75ft Herreshoff schooner. Refitted at LMI

Sonny, Sparkman & Stephens 53' sloop built in 1935. Re-fitted at LMI – East Passage Boatworks.

Ruweida V, R Class 38' sloop. Restored by IYRS. Maintained by LMI

Falcon, Q Class 46' Herreshoff. Restored by John Anderson, Maintained at LMI

Alana, 6 metre, Fife design, 36' built in 1930. Maintainance and modifications at LMI

6 Metres Flapper, Elizabeth X, Cherokee, Syce, Ranger, and Discovery. Repairs and maintenance at LMI

High Tea, 58' Classic motor Yacht – Maintained at LMI

Carina, 59' Lawley Classic Motor Yacht ongoing restoration by LMI

Belle, 38' Luders 24 racing yacht restored and Maintained by LMI

LMI Client selection

Joe racing Belle (photo Cory Silken)

LMI Client selection

Fife 6M Alana, S&S's Dorade & Sonny, and R Ruwieda